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1. Experience.

Everyone has to start somewhere but hiring a first time home inspector might not be the best idea and lead to a job not thoroughly done. It makes sense to work with a home inspection company that has been around for some time since they would have experience and a couple of homes already inspected. DJ, has worked for over 5 years as a home inspector.

DJ is involved with various organizations such as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando.

2. Credible associations.

The company you are working with should be connected to the right people and places. This helps when you are going through the work they have done in the past. Credible associations ensure that you are getting your information from a reliable source.

3. Favorable reviews.

Irrespective of the picture painted by an inspection company or home inspector about the work they do, always look at reviews before making a decision. Everyone finds it easier to speak on the internet, and if you see multiple disappointed clients, it’s best you carry on with your search.

4. Insured.

If there are issues with the work done, you should not be left high and dry. Double check to make sure the company you are working with is insured.

5. Price.

There are different pricing options when working with various companies. Do not work with the cheapest one. However, that said, you should pay for the work done and not be paying for a name. Find a mix of a thorough inspector, who comes at a reasonable price.