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DJ Pando – Proud Founder and Owner

DJ Home Inspection Services is owned and operated by Diolis J (DJ) Pando, a certified home inspector registered with the state of Florida. DJ started his business with one goal in mind: helping his clients navigate the home buying process, which is one of the most important things that someone will tackle in their lifetime. His satisfied customers have saved money on post-purchase repairs and been able to maintain and care for their homes years after the inspection thanks to the honest and knowledgeable advice that he provided during the assessment of the home. He is a bilingual home inspector who is more than happy to accommodate Spanish-speaking clients.


  • Certified Home Inspector DBPR (HI11014)
  • FABI Registered Professional Inspector (RPI0929)
  • InterNACHI Member (NACHI18100241)
  • Affiliate Member with ORRA
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DJ Home Inspection Services, Home Inspection Service, Winter Park, FL

A Disciplined Home Inspector with a Background in Law Enforcement

DJ worked in the field of law enforcement before becoming a certified home inspector. This experience helped him develop an impeccable attention to detail that he uses today during his inspections, giving him the opportunity to find the small issues that other inspectors might overlook altogether. He is a disciplined home inspector with a desire to serve his clients and community, so home buyer and sellers alike can expect nothing but the greatest service during every DJ Home Inspection Services inspection.

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DJ’s Code of Ethics

  • Professional Attitude and Integrity
  • Knowledge of The Duties (SOP) of a Home Inspector
  • Reliability and Objective to deliver “Peace of Mind”
  • To Deliver Clear and Completed Inspection Reports
Professional Headshot of Home Inspector DJ Pando

Ready to Serve You and Your Family

DJ is passionate about the importance of family. He has been married happily for seven years and has two young children. He and his family stay active in social and community events, and they regularly attend their local church. He considers his own family to be a blessing, so he knows the value that his clients put on their own loved ones. Through his home inspection business, DJ wants to help protect your family by saving you money on repair needs and ensuring your safety as you settle into the home you have always dreamed about.

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To Schedule Your Home Inspection in the Central Florida Area

Ask about our discounts for law enforcement, military, and returning customers.

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