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DJ Home Inspection Services

“Peace of Mind, Sounds Like a Plan.”

Serving all of Central Florida

Our Promise to Home Buyers

Welcome to DJ Home Inspection Services, owned and operated by certified Florida home inspector DJ Pando. At our company, we believe that we can offer home buyers and sellers peace of mind by providing clear and honest information about their prospective property’s current condition, repair concerns, and maintenance needs. Our inspections are fair and thorough because we want you to understand the conditions of the home before you make this large and significant investment. After we have completed our inspection, we invite you to join us for a walk-through of the property during which we can answer your questions and show you, in person, the most important things we uncovered about the house.

DJ Home Inspection Services truck parked outside of a residential house in Central Florida

For your convenience, we offer:

  • Professional and bilingual Staff (Hablamos Español)
  • E-Key access
  • Digital HD picture inspection reports
  • Aerial drone and thermal imaging used as needed
  • Reports sent within the next business day
  • Discounts for law enforcement, military, and returning customers

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist homebuyers and real estate professionals through the Home Inspection Process with integrity and reliability, providing information based on the current conditions of their future property with the goal of delivering “Peace of Mind”.

A Professional and Bilingual Staff

Our home inspector is professional and bilingual (hablamos español), always paying special attention to the specific needs of the clients as he inspects the property and puts together a home inspection report. We operate with integrity because we know that the client’s priorities are the most important to consider during the homebuying process. We are truly passionate about the service we provide, so call us to schedule your appointment today!

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Digital Home Inspection Reports Delivered in One Business Day

We generate our home inspection reports using HomeGauge Software and review and send them within one business day after the inspection. Each report is carefully assembled with honest information about the home along with digital HD pictures that can help clients better understand the issues we uncovered during our time at the property. A tool called the Create Request List (CRL™) is included in the report. The CRL™ allows our clients to use the report itself to build their project list for the home and attach it to their repair addendum, rather than having to search for and copy each item individually. Call us upon receiving your report with further questions.


I must say that I called the day before and my inspection was scheduled quickly. Very thorough and knowledgeable in every aspect of home(s) in addition to been polite he took the time needed to answer all of my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend him and would use him again in the future if needed.
– B.B., January 2019
Sid Mounedji , Orlando Florida, DJ “I am so grateful to have had you to do my home inspection on Sunday And thank you for coming on such short notice . DJ you gave me a sound piece of mind and heads up on what I should focus on when we move in . I’ll be sure to recommend your services to anyone I know in need of a home inspection and home education.” Again thank you so much and God bless you Sid Mounedji 1/13/2019
– S.M., January 2019
DJ is very thorough and detailed in his inspections. He provides clients with information on findings, outcomes, remedies and suggestions. He takes time to answer any questions or concerns they may have. He also identifies updates he finds on AC systems, water heaters etc. DJ is very professional and knowledgeable and very personable as well. I enjoy working with him and calling on him to assist me with inspections for my buyers.
– M.C., December 2018

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To Schedule Your Home Inspection in the Central Florida Area

Ask about our discounts for law enforcement, military, and returning customers.

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